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Swanspool Lake, Kingsway

Swanspool Lake, Wellingborough
We have, at last, secured the fishing on the Swanspool Lake near Kingsway. The fishing rights have been kindly granted to us by the land owners for a trial period. Anyone familiar with this water will probably be aware that in previous years it has courted some controversy, and has been the cause of some bad feeling between nearby residents and the erstwhile angling fraternity.
It is hoped that now the water comes under our jurisdiction, it will become an asset rather than a liability. The water holds a good head of fish including roach, perch, bream, tench and carp, and as well as being the ideal venue for juniors to learn the craft of angling, it can also provide good sport for the more experienced angler. There will be no night fishing at all, and barbless hooks must be used at all times. Bailiffs will patrol the water regularly and anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave. Please respect local residents wishes when parking on any of the nearby estates, and please try to keep any  noise to a minimum. If we have a relatively problem-free year then we may be able to provide a dedicated on-site car park in the future.

If you require any more information please speak to the bailiff Steve Sudborough, Steve lives locally and can be contacted on 01933 383682.