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Grendon Carp Ponds

Grendon Carp Ponds


These two roadside ponds both contain many carp, some to double figures. Fishing here is permitted all year round. Please do not retain fish in keepnets and make sure that your hooks are barbless.The smaller of the two ponds has a good head of young fish and makes for a great days sport. The larger of the two ponds has nice carp to 20lb. Once again rules are on display at the fishery but please make sure you take home all rubbish and discarded tackle and if you see any other rubbish stick it in you bag, it benefits us all.  Finally as in all our fisheries please make sure you have a landing net!

Any advice or problems please contact Bailiff for this water is Tony Partridge 07756544251



11lb common caught at Grendon carp ponds, by Joe Holder,