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Night Fishing Permits

Night Fishing Permits for Barker’s & Brightwell’s and Princess lakes
Members may apply for a night permit once in possession of their 2018 club book (books are now available from the on-line shop and in local tackle shops now),

Applications must be made by post accompanied with a passport type photograph, your club book membership number (if you have bought it separately) and a cheque for £90.00 made payable to WDNAC. Please apply to the Ms D Hollis Night Permit Manager  at 73 Northampton Road Broughton Kettering NN14 1NR. 01536 799357 No Personal callers  please allow 7 working days for your permit. 

If you wish to pay by Paypal for permits and/or club memberships may be ordered online please go to our shop page, For night permits please e-mail your photograph (to: wdnac@outlook.com) with your address, current WDNAC membership number and have a Paypal account to effect payment. 

Please do not apply for membership or permits online unless you are paying by Paypal.

WDNAC membership books may be purchased online, 2018 books are now available, please go to our shop page. Photographs are not required for membership books.

You will not need a Night Fishing Permit to night fish any of our other rivers where night fishing is already allowed.