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Match Fixtures and Results

Sunday 3rd September 2017



Here are the results of Sundays Club match for the Challenge cup at The canal, Stables section.


1st Steve Bettis 9lbs 2ozs
2nd Peter Laughton 6lbs 14ozs
3rd Dave Tyrell. 4lbs 12ozs.


Thanks to everyone that took part.





Match Aug 1st Mill Cotton

 Club Evening Open 10

 Pegs Allocated 16 - 40


Match Aug 10th Mill Cotton

 Club WDNAC Juniors

 Pegs Allocated 26 - 40


 Match Aug 13th Mill Cotton

 Club Thrapston A C

 Pegs Allocated 1 -


Match Aug 23rd Mill Cotton

Club Junior coaching

Pegs Allocated 30 - 40


Match Aug 24th Mill Cotton

Club WDNAC Juniors

Pegs Allocated 26 - 40


Match Aug 31st Mill Cotton

 Club WDNAC Juniors

Pegs Allocated 26 - 40


 Match Sept 21 st Mill Cotton

Club MTSFC Juniors

 Pegs Allocated 26 – 40 & All Donut


  Match Oct 1st Mill Cotton

 Club Kingfisher A C

 Pegs Allocated 1 - 15


 Match Oct 29th Mill Cotton

 Club Glebe A C

 Pegs Allocated 27 - 37

Please expose all nets to daylight for 30 min


 Match result Sunday 6th August
Ashton Footbridge


21 anglers attended all caught....
1st Peter Laughton 8lb 7oz (Roach on Hemp)
2nd Rob Johnson 7lb 3oz
3rd Malc Hobbs 6lb 1 oz


Peter won the Godber Cup...


 Junior Match Thursday 3rd August 2017

firstly sorry for the delay in post but its been a manic week with a lot going on but here are the results from match one in the 2017 junior competition.

We had 8 juniors for our first match at Darwen Lake who very kindly allowed the juniors to fish there. the results are as follows

1st place: Bailey King 33lb 11oz

2nd place: Anthony Cooper 27lb 10oz
3rd place: Ryan Marchant 10lb 5oz
4th place: Alfie Scamam-Smith 9lb 4 oz
5th place: Benjamin Wallace 8lb 6oz
6th place: David Barley 7lb 8oz
7th place: Isaac Eames 7lb
8th place: Holly Marchant 3lb 14oz

Conditions were pretty awful with swirling winds and heavy rain at times, but there was not a single complaint from all the children and all tried their best for the whole 4 hr match. resulting in some great weights and a few specimens including a 12lb 7oz Carp by Anthony a 8lb 9oz carp by Ryan and a 2lb 3oz Chub from Alfie. Anthony Cooper won the random spot prize which was a book and dvd on rigs and knots. All that entered received a starter pack of tackle and all won a prize. I want to extend a huge thank you to all the staff at Darwen To the lovely Deb Hollis and Pat Byrne and all the parents uncles aunts and grandparents who made the day such fun. Looking forward to part 2 on thursday at Mill Cotton. All the best Bryan

Latest match details: as of 07/05/17




Tues May 9th

 Mill Cotton Snake lake

 pegs 1-15

 8.30 draw for 9.30 start £10 entry silvers only



Sunday May 14th

Finedon AS

 Mill Cotton Snake Lake

Pegs 21-40



Sun 4th June

 Abingdon Angling

Mill Cotton Snake Lake

 Pegs 26-40



 Thurs 8th June

 Masonic TSFC

 Pegs 25-40 and

The whole of the Doughnut for a disabled and junior match


  Finedon AS have booked the Back Brook

Every Tuesday evening from Tuesday 20th June up to and including Tuesday 5th September For their evening series!

The dates will be as follows

20/06/17 Ringstead Back brook

27/06/17  Ringstead Back brook

04/07/17 Ringstead Back brook

11/07/17 Ringstead Back brook

18/07/17 Ringstead Back brook

25/07/17 Ringstead Back brook

01/08/17 Ringstead Back brook

08/08/17 Ringstead Back brook

15/08/17 Ringstead Back brook

22/08/17 Ringstead Back brook

29/08/17 Ringstead Back brook

05/09/17 Ringstead Back brook


 Upcoming Non club matches!

 Match March 5th 2017

Main river Ringstead

12 pegs above locks

Held by Finedon AS


MAtch March 19th 2017

Mill Cotton Snake Lake

Pegs 10-20

Held by Glebe AC


Match April 1st 2017

Mill Cotton Snake Lake

Pegs 29-40

Held by River Bed FC


Match April 2nd 2017

Mill Cotton Snake Lake

Pegs 1-15

Held by Kingfisher AC












Junior match results
Match 4
The fourth leg of the junior match series took place on Thursday 25th August 9 anglers took part and the match was won by Ashton Cole with 12lb 11oz, George Foster came second with 10lb 4oz Aiden came third with 8lb 9oz Zabrina came 4th with 7lb 13oz Bailey King came 5th with 7lb 10oz Tamyra Galloway came 6th with 7lb 6oz David Barley came 7th with 5lb 9 oz Edward barker came 8th 5lb 4 oz and Ben wilson came 9th with 2lb 2 oz Once again all anglers won prizes and vouchers.

And the complete team after their fishing exploits with their winnings!


Junior match results Match 3

The third  leg of the 2016 junior match series took place on Thursday 18th August. 5 anglers took part and competed for the Reynolds Cup. Tamyra Galloway won with 60lb 6oz with a 6lb 6oz Barbel and a Carp of 13lb 15oz Second was Sian Gomez with 33lb 10oz with a Barbel of 5lb 7oz and a common carp of 9lb 7oz. Third was Bailey King with 20lb 10oz including a Ghost carp of 5lb 7oz.  Fourth was David Barley with 15lb 9oz and Fifth was matas Ragaliaukas with 14lb 12oz.  all participants won a selection of prizes and vouchers.
photo 3
Tamyra receiving the Reynolds Cup from Ian Halliwell.
photo 8
Sian with her catches
photo 4
All the Juniors and their Prize haul.
photo 1
Bailey's bag of beauty's

Match 2
The second leg of the 2016 junior match series took place on Thursday 11th August. 4 anglers took part and competed for the Garner Cup. Bailey King won with 11lb mixed bag of nice fish topping it off with a 1lb 1oz Crucian Carp. Mantas Ragaliaukas came second with 8lb 8oz, Sian Gomez came third and had 6lb 3oz and David Barley had 13oz005.Bailey King with the garner Cup
002The Winners L-R Bailey King, David Barley, Mantas Ragaliaukas and Sian Gomes and Tamyra.
Mantas and his catch
Bailey and a beautiful Crucian.
Sian And her largest Carp

Match 1

04/08/16 The first leg of the 2016 junior tournament fished at Darwen Lake Rothwell was won by David Barley with 44lb 6oz and he won the Mannock Cup a £20 tackle shop voucher and a box of tackle bits.

Sadly we did not manage to get any pictures of Davids catch but congratulations for a cracking weight.




Forthcoming matches

Evening Open Series Final Match

Tuesday Aug 2nd                 Mill Cotton (pegs 16-40) 6pm-9pm


Finedon Evening Series

Tuesday Aug 2nd                Back Brook  match 7

Tuesday  Aug 9th                Back Brook match  8

 Tuesday Aug 16th                Back Brook  match 9

   Tuesday  Aug 23rd              Back Brook match  10

   Tuesday Aug 30th             Back Brook  match 11


Autism Concern

Tuesday 23rd August Mill Cotton Pegs 31-40



Junior Matches

Anyone interesed in taking part for further details contact Ian Halliwell on  07940325987

everyone who takes part will win a prize!!!!!!!!


Aug 11 th Mill Cotton pegs 26-40 (Ringstead)

Aug 18 th Darwen Lake (Rothwell)

Aug 25 th Mill Cotton pegs 26-40 (Ringstead)

Sept 1st Mill Cotton pegs 26-40 (Ringstead)



Forthcoming matches

For further details of adult matches contact match secretary

Ivor Stokes 01933-389309

Evening open

Tuesday 12th July  - Mill Cotton pegs 1-25  evening match 6pm-9pm 

Tuesday 19th July  - Mill Cotton pegs 16-40 evening match 6pm-9pm

Tuesday 26th July  - Mill Cotton pegs 1-25  evening match 6pm-9pm


WDNAC matches first sunday of every month.

for further details again Contact Ivor Stokes 01933-389309

August 7th Ashton Footbridge

September 4th Canal at Theddingworth and Piggeries

October 2nd Barnwell Marina

November 6th Cranford

December 4th Ringstead F/F


Finedon Evening Series

Tuesday 12th July  - Back Brook  evening match 6pm-9pm 

Tuesday 19th July  - Back Brook evening match 6pm-9pm

Tuesday 26th July  - Back Brook   evening match 6pm-9pm


Kingfisher AC

Sunday 17th July -  Mill Cotton pegs 1-15 Daytime


Higham S & S Club

Sunday 31st July -  Mill Cotton pegs 16-40 Daytime


25th September @Theddingworth Canal -  County Match (teams of 8  compete)


Junior Matches For further details contact Ian Halliwell 07940325987

Aug 4 th Darwen Lake (Rothwell)

Aug 11 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)

Aug 18 th Darwen Lake (Rothwell)

Aug 25 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)




3/7/16 Turnell Cup at Barby Marshes

 15 Fished

1) I.Halliwell - 44lb 8oz

2) N. Antonacci 41lb 8oz

 3) M.Stokes 34lb 4oz

4) S.Bettis 32lb 4oz

5) B.Spencer 32lb 4oz

6) B.Moon 26lb


 John Hargrave Memorial Match

 WDNAC v Braunston AC

Wellingborough 256lb 14oz

Braunston 140lb 2oz

19/6/16 Garner Cup at Willowbrook


14 Fished

1) B.Underwood 14lb 11oz

2) P.Brand (guest) 12lb 9oz

3) A.Webster 10lb 1oz

4) I.Halliwell 6lb 13oz

5) J.Maine 6lb 7oz

6) P.Laughton 5lb 4oz



Hopefully this will explain how anyone with a WDNAC club card can become involved in match fishing within the club environment.


1. The George Barker Winter League: Is a series of four matches fished on the Grand Union Canal Between Husbands Bosworth and Foxton.

The Matches are fished from the end of January to the second sunday of march at fortnightly intervals.

teams of 4 can enter for £10 with optional pools of £15 per man per match.  If you cannot form a 4 man team you can enter for £10 per match