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 Hello, I am Bryan Dray and I'm looking after the website now, I know in the past the website has basically been just an advert for the club.  However I am hoping to make it a resource site for info about the club we also have a facebook page where you can interact with committee members and raise issues or concerns or just questions. https://www.facebook.com/wdnac/  As well as most importantly keeping you up to date with latest news about anything that may effect your fishing of WDNAC waters it will be updated as often as I get any info to add. I am a regular at Mill Cotton and the Embankment and other fisheries so If you have any news photos of catches or enquiries please email me at wdnac@outlook.com or if you see me on any water that effects our club give me any news direct via email facebook or phone.


The fourth leg of the junior match series took place on Thursday 25th August 9 anglers took part and the match was won by Ashton Cole with 12lb 11oz once again all competing juniors won prizes and a fun day was had by all! for full results and many more pictures see match section.
Final match
Sept 1st Mill Cotton (Ringstead)
Although we are hoping to have a one off match in the week of the half term in october i'll keep you posted on that info!

The third  leg of the 2016 junior match series took place on Thursday 18th August. 5 anglers took part and competed for the Reynolds Cup. Tamyra Galloway won with 60lb 6oz with a 6lb 6oz Barbel and a Carp of 13lb 15oz  .  all participants won a selection of prizes and vouchers . For full details and pictures check out the results section.
 photo 3
Next Matches
Aug 25 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)
Sept 1st Mill Cotton (Ringstead)

This week essential maintenance at Mill cotton included extensive weeding of the Doughnut as lily pad growth was significantly ffecting oxygen levels also making certain swims unfishable for more photos check out
News in detail section
The second leg of the 2016 junior match series took place on Thursday 11th August. 4 anglers took part and competed for the Garner Cup. Bailey King won with 11lb mixed bag of nice fish topping it off with a 1lb 1oz Crucian Carp. He won a £20 voucher for Dodson and Horrell as well as a Maver rod and bag of tackle, all participants won prizes. for full details and pictures check out the results section.
next matches are:

Aug 18 th Darwen Lake (Rothwell)

Aug 25 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)

Sept 1 Mill Cotton(Ringstead)


The first leg of the 2016 junior tournament fished at Darwen Lake Rothwell was won by David Barley with 44lb 6oz and he won the Mannock Cup a £20 tackle shop voucher and a box of tackle bits. The next leg takes place on the 11th of August at  Mill Cotton and all juniors are welcome to enter everyone who takes part will win a prize whether they catch or not. here are dates and venues of remaining legs

Aug 11 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)

Aug 18 th Darwen Lake (Rothwell)

Aug 25 th Mill Cotton (Ringstead)

Sept 1 Mill Cotton(Ringstead)



The Committee and I wish to extend a huge thank you to Nick and his guys and gals who have been recently involved in litter picks at some of our fishing venues. It is greatly appreciated and here is a link to their website where anyone wishing to get involved can do so.  Its so nice seeing a group doing things like this to improve the environment for all and from the sounds of it have a bit of fun whilst doing so. i hope to be able to hook up with nick and his friends at one of the events in the not too distant future for pictures and a bit more on this check the news section



The Nene Valley Festival
There will be an event on the Wellingborough Embankment. Taking place  September 17th the festival is made up of a number of small events encouraging families to get out, get active and enjoy the countryside.As a result of this,we will be using  the embankment on Saturday 17th September So if you fancy a try at fishing come along there will be committee members there so anyone who wants to try can have a go!


Once again wanted to apologise for the lack of updates recently thankfully I am now back and able to produce regular updates starting today check out the catches, matches and news pages for news from around the Club.



Sincere Apologies for the lack of updates this is due to a current family situation that has taken all my attention.

I will endeavour to update the website this weekend sorry to our regular visitors


Due to a clerical error The AGM meeting has to take place 30 minutes earlier!  It will now start at 7.00PM not 7.30 sorry for any inconvenience caused!!!
AGM 17/03/16
The Annual General Meeting of WDNAC will take place On Thursday the 17th March 2016 at 7.00pm at the  Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association 46 Oxford St275x183
This is your chance as a member, to have your say about what is right, what you feel is wrong and what can be done to improve things. We can all sit on the bank and say this or that but Unless you speak out at the AGM nothing changes, if you care about your fishing, try and get along to the AGM and put your views accross.  If you dont tell us what you want from the WDNAC as a club then the commitee have to just get on as they think is best. Without your input as members nothing will change!

We Need your Help
At the AGM this year our Treasurer John Coleman will be retiring from that position. Firstly the club wishes to thank John for his invaluable assistance over the  years and wish him tight lines. This necessitates the search for a replacement, if you wish to volunteer or know someone that might be interested. Please contact  me via phone letter or email and we can arrange a time where you can meet up with the rest of the committee and see how we all get along.

As is the way of things the projected timescale for the repairs and improvement of the Sluice gate bridge at Ringstead has changed. The project  has hit some delays the road to Barkers the river and backwater is currently closed to anglers whilst the workmen are fitting the pilons, so we respectfully ask all anglers ot observer this until it is safe or prudent to start reusing it!
It is thought currently that the works will continue for another 6 weeks. (this was best guess as of 04/02/16)
As stated previously there is a temporary pontoon bridge THIS IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH FOR CARS!
however there is a buggy that will transport your tackle to where you want to go!
The scale of the work is much greater than initial thought and there will be a lot of re-landscaping needed after completion of the work

It is with deep regret I have to announce that Richard Blenkharn the previous Club Secretary  sadly passed away on Thursday 7th January.
As the new boy here I only spoke to Richard a few times on the phone, but he was nothing less than a gentleman. On behalf of the Committee and  Club members I would like to send our condolences  to his Wife Sarah and their family and friends As well as huge thanks for all the hard work he did for the club over the years.


There is a Bailiff's meeting at the  Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association 46 Oxford St on Tuesday 12th January at 7.45 for a 8.00pm start anyone who is or has been a bailiff is asked to attend.

As of the second week of January 2016 the bridge over the weir at the Ringstead fishery is going to be reinforced. Access to Barkers lake and the river will be a little more difficult for the 6 weeks it is expected to take to replace it.  However  a temporary footbridge will be erected and a quad bike and trailer will be available to move tackle to swims.
I will keep you posted as to the progress and or any changes to this timetable.
!!!!!The latest update is that from monday the 11th of January work
will commence the expected timescale is still 6 weeks.!!!!!!



Saturday work Parties summer update
As most people are aware the places we fish are only as good as the maintenance they receive, WDNAC as a club has no paid workforce and all work that is undertaken is done by a core of extraodinaily  hard working veterans of the club but sadly that workforce is getting older. We are crying out for extra pairs of hands for a few hours on a saturday mornings to help out with day to day tidying up of swins trees bushes weeds EVERYONE is welcome EVERYONE can help even if it is some gentle weeding right up to learning how to maintain locks or drive the industrial lawnmowers, get involved tea and tales of the old ways of fishing included at no charge ;) !!!
Anyhow here are  some pictures of the recent clean up of the doughnut lake and mill cotton . The summer mix of rain, humid days and relatively light winds has made weed and general growth of lily pads and bushes higher than usual so a extensive clean up was necessary and is still ongoing the grass is being cut twice a week at least and thanks to the members who have made a point of telling me how great the whole complex is looking.
Monthly news round-up
Access to Barkers lake and the backwater is good currently, there have been several sightings of mink and humane traps have been ordered and will be employed around the Mill Cotton complex. I am currently looking into funding for some improved toilet facilities including disabled facilities this may take some time whilst i try to gain some supplementary funding, but the hope is to keep it enviromentaly friendly and more pleasant than the current ones.
On peg 39 of Snake lake  sections of pole have been retrieved from the swim itself, anyone claiming to have lost it should contact the secretary to describe what was found.
As a result of the disappointing summer the growth of rushes/lily pads/weeds this year has been excessive it is hoped that in the very near future that the Saturday work parties will be able to rectify this situation on Snake and the Doughnut as soon as is reasonably possible. We still need extra pairs of hands on Saturdays at Mill Cotton for light work we supply tea and coffee no-one has to work harder than they are able to and ultimately it improves the places you actually fish GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!

New Disciplinary Procedure 2016
 WDNAC Disciplinary procedure
1 Any member found in breach of Club rules will have their club card suitably endorsed
.2 If an endorsed club card holder should subsequently get any further endorsements in the same year, their club card will be taken by the bailiff, their club membership will be temporarily withdrawn and the circumstances reported to the club Management Committee.
3 In the event of two or more endorsements in the same year, or a more serious incident being referred to the Club, the Management Committee reserves the right to impose a suitable sanction on the offender(s). The sanction could range from a written warning to a life ban. The Management Committee meets in the first week of every month.
4 Members are reminded that rule 15, non production of club book when asked to do so, is a criminal offence covered by the Theft Act. Failure to be in possession of a current club card will lead to ejection from the fishery and will result in a report being made to the police.Rod LicencesIf a member cannot produce a current Environment Agency rod licence(s) under rule 16, the member’s details will be taken and reported to the EA for them to take appropriate action. (Note: this is a civil offence and the police will take no action)
Other incidents, such as illegal nets, long lines or fishing in a river during the close season are category 1 offences, which should be reported on the EA 24 hour emergency line 0800 80 70 60) . Unattended rods Leaving a rod/rods unattended is a breach of both EA and club rules.
As a club we are very aware how quickly a venue can become innundated with litter and rubbish I would hope that the majority of 'Legitimate' fishermen and ladies continue the ethic that clear the swim you are in, and take any detritis home with them. Sadly not everyone who fishes complies with all the rules and regulations that are in place, Recently we have had a swathe of people without rod licences and this is being dealt with severly by club bailiffs, I make this point purely to say that just because you see a fisherman fishing does not mean he is doing so legally the Embankment is a particular problem. We have been very lucky that recently Nick at the above website has been working with his guys and gals to improve the waterways locally. I personally wish to extend Nick and his crew a huge thank you for their efforts and hope thatone day their efforts will not be needed  but in the meantime thank them for their continued efforts.I hope that when time allows I can join them for a rummage in the undergrowth, and if you feel so moved to get involved i am sure Nick would welcome any new recruits just visit his website for guidance on how to get involved.

 News Summary
Hello one and all its been a long time ..... a very long time, so lets start with the apologies, any website is only as useful as the level of updates it receives and for details I won't bore you with sadly I had to put this site on the back burner.  It's been a tough couple of months but I'm back now and detemined to take the site forward and make it more interactive and inclusive. So once again mail me when you catch anything nice email me with any questions or have any news. I will endeavour to update this site at least once a week....................   So what has been happening since the last updates .. In march there was a restocking programme at Ringstead and 10000 fish were added to The Doughnut the Snake lake and Barkers it brokedown like this....
Snake Lake and Doughnut
Crucian Carp,  Mirror Carp, Barbel, Chub and Tench 500 each as well as roach and rudd and bream
1100 Carp and 4200 Bream as well as a few specimen Carp.
thumbnail_dscf1840thumbnail_dscf1849thumbnail_dscf1851thumbnail_dscf1843The restocking went very well and many other projects continued towards the start of the new season.  The Saturday work partys completed the pruning of the islands on both the Snake and Doughnut lakes.  Since that time both have been fishing well. The environment agency did a lot of work on the back brook at Ringstead, in bank stabilisation and creating fish spawning survival areas. A lot of time was spent managing the trees and  banks of the river and back brook, some work is ongoing and will be completed later in the year.. The bridge at the sluice gate has been completed and looks much nicer now, there is still some landscaping to do. The track from the main gate to the car park and to the far end of the Snake lake has all been covered with shingle and again looks much better. 
As a club we have become more involved in Rod Licence checking, it has always been a club rule that you must have a rod licence, but our Bailiffs are now actively checking. Anyone found without one WILL be asked to leave the fishery and not return until such time as you can produce one. Also your club book will receive an endorsement for doing so. We have to pursue this as this is something that effects all of us, anyone likely to break one rule is more likely to breach several, these are the  most common ones that get broken often, so it is worth reiterating that:
1) You must have a valid Club card and Rod licence
2) You must have a proper landing net at all times
3) Barbless hooks must be used
4) No keep nets unless in a match.
Just to keep you posted currently I am looking into funding to get a new toilet block and sewage waste system sorted for the main car park area of Mill Cotton I think it is important that we have a clean and more pleasant environment. I hope that would  in turn encourage more juniors and ladies and provide greater access for our many disabled anglers to fish at the venue. I am at the very early stages but i will keep you up to date with anything I manage to accomplish.
Finally in the very near future I am going to build a sister website which will be forum based and once you join (you will have to register), as a member you will be able to post your own thoughts, ideas, catches,photos, videos, tips, potions and I will happily consider any ideas you have for what you would like included as sections for the new forum just email me at bryandray@outlook.com..... Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

After the recent high winds there was some significant damage to the entrance gates and road at spinney lakes. This Saturday a large group of the works party turned up to istall new gatepost for the large metal frame gates.
Concrete it in place and allign the gates so they opened and closed easily. there was also the immense fallen tree that was blocking the access road which had to be chopped up and moved. i can safely say this is a project that will take a couple of visits to complete. The offending branches that made the access road tricky have been removed as has the large amount of trunk that has been cut up.  This will be an ongoing project.

Here are three pictures from the same swin peg 1 on Snake lake at Ringstead i will endevour to find out when the first picture was taken but you can see how the environment has embraced the building of the lake

For anyone that has ever had work done in he real world you will be aware that timescales are a fluid term. A job that 'should take a week' often takes two with that in mind the ongoing work on the sluice gate bridge has and is taking considerably longer that first suggested. The inital estimate was that it would be completed by the end of february that sadly is now looking far too optimistic. It is now thought that it will be finished (hopefully) by the end of March.Here are some up to date pics of the work.

As stated elsewhere we (weather allowing) gather at Mill Cotton Ringstead to do the jobs that despite what may be thought does not get fixed by Pixies!
This includes pruning trees, cutting grass, collecting rubbish checking and replacing fencing and generally maintaining fisheries so they look great when you are fishing!
Its a great chance to get to know the guys on the committee and voice opinions or concerns. We normally meet between 8-9 and do what the weather allows (tea and coffee provided). 
Here is what we got up to on saturday 13th........... the island on the doughnut was looking a little tired and some of the trees on the edges resembled Christmas trees with a vast array of floats and weights and line decorating them. So we dug out the club boat and set sail for the island, (and this, phase 1) we managed to remove the bulk of the overhanging branches that restricted fishing the islands bank. Here are some pics to illustrate! There will be more work done to finish up the pruning and removal of the felled branches and trees.


AGM 17/03/16
The Annual General Meeting of WDNAC will take place On thursday the 17th March 2016 at 7:30pm at the  Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association 46 Oxford St275x183. There will be a short questionnaire about your needs and opinions that you can fill in if you wish to. This is your chance as a member, to have your say about what is right, what you feel is wrong and what can be done to improve things. We can all sit on the bank and say this or that but Unless you speak out at the AGM nothing changes, if you care about your fishing, try and get along to the AGM and put your views accross.  If you dont tell us what you want from the WDNAC as a club then the commitee have to just get on as they think is best. Without your input as members nothing will change!




 WDNAC organise work parties to help prune tidy and do odd jobs on the clubs fisheries, anyone who feels they can spare a few hours on an occasional Saturday  please contact Ian Halliwell on 07940325987 you dont have to be an expert or super fit its not a career move its just an extra pair of hands doing light odd jobs mostly at Ringstead but sometimes elsewhere. As a club we need to keep on top of certain tasks and we would be very grateful for any assistance any of you can offer!!!





As most things the projected timetable of works for the Sluice gate bridge at Ringstead has changed. Sadly recent poor weather and other factors have contributed to these delays and the road to Barkers the river and backwater  is currently closed.  So we ask all anglers whilst the workmen are fitting the pilons and feel the need to keep the road clear  to respectfully ask all anglers to observer this until it is safe or prudent to start reusing it!  At the moment  it is thought currently that the works will continue for another 6 weeks.




Due  to concerns over the strength of this bridge the environment agency has scheduled work to reinforce it commencing on the 11th January for approximately six weeks. The bridge will be out of use and in the meantime a pontoon bridge is being constructed to allow access whilst the work continues.  It is hoped that the work will be completed by the end of february and normal access should be available then!. Whilst this is a matter that is beyond Club control we do apologise for any inconvenience caused!






There is a Bailiff's meeting at the  Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association (see Pic Above) at 46 Oxford St Wellingborough on Tuesday 12th January at 7.45 for a 8.00pm start.
Anyone who is or has been a bailiff is asked to attend. to discuss matters arising and the future of bailiffing within the WDNAC.
If you are unable to attend please call Head Bailiff :         Terry Freeland on 07707036498